May 17 2017, Bioblitz at Pilot Mountain State Park

A Bioblitz, organized by Ed Corey, was conducted at Pilot Mountain State Park on the 17th and 18th of May., involving day-long surveys of Fish, Herps, Odonates, Butterflies, Moths, and other taxonomic groups.  One of the more interesting species of moths that was observed is Melsheimer's Sack-bearer Moth (Cicinnus melsheimeri), so-named due to the cases the larvae wrap around themselves, constructed by sewing together pieces of leaves. This species is associated with dry scrub-oak barrens in the Northeast.  In North Carolina, it has been found in xeric maritime forests in New Hanover and Brunswick Counties and in dry ridgetop woodlands in the Mountains and isolated monadnocks -- including Pilot Mountain -- in the Piedmont.  All of the individuals (3) seen during the Bioblitz, however, were found in the vicintiy of a seep located on the lower slopes near the campground, although dry hardwood forest occurs in the surrounding area. Adults rest with the forewings projecting forward around the head, often hanging below a leaf or twig.


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